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Business philosophy: "integrity, professionalism, objectivity, dedication
integrity :

(1) the honesty is guide our values, in addition to doing things correctly, but also always to do the right thing, not only things is legal.
(2) the company internal credit established trust, is what we value of mutual trust value core, employee trust company, dares to innovate adventure.....>>more

Haining porch to send dress co., LTD. Was established in 2009, is located in haining hydron street and city street, number 101. Is a set design, production and sales of high-grade fashion leather fur modern management enterprise. Existing workshop nearly 3000 square meters, more than 350 employees, with an annual production capacity of nearly 80000 pieces of leather clothing. The products of the company to choose the best quality raw materials, through the superb technology and combining the international leather fur fashion popular element, make the product to achieve the most superior effect.We have the most professional team and strict quality management, which made us each product can have craftsmanship and superior quality guarantee.The company since its inception, the spirit of "quality first, the passenger door first" purpose, ......>>more

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